The Singing Chef


A Private Chef and entertainer, Francesco Milana, is NOT YOUR TYPICAL CATERER. Specializing in private gatherings, he prepares all menus fresh in your kitchen. As he presents each course, Francesco serenades you and your guests with Neapolitan ballads and Italian love songs. A total dining and entertainment experience with Francesco will typically be 5-7 courses spanning 3 hours .
Francesco Milana, The Singing Chef
Francesco Milana

"Why fight the crowds in a fine restaurant when you can have a better, more entertaining experience in your own home?"
Jeff & Kim Rice, Hendersonville, TN

"...a truly remarkable and memorable dining event..."
Dr. Dorothy Marcic, New York, NY

"unparalleled talents… My wife was truly overwhelmed and delighted beyond words. …wholeheartedly recommend this very special culinary experience to everyone"
John Dyal, Fernandina Beach

"We have never been anywhere in this country, and not just Nashville–in New York, Chicago, Atlanta or other large cities where the food is so authentically Italian. Then the singing and the personality and loving attention are like icing on the cake!"
Carol & Mike Ennis, Franklin, TN

Francesco met with us for a consultation and was delightful from the beginning. He shopped the day of our party, prepped everything in our kitchen, and cooked while simultaneously entertaining our family and friends. How could anyone ask for a more special and relaxed evening at home – certainly not a restaurant experience!